Fake-looking porcelain veneers

I have been saving up for years to have my smile improved with beautiful porcelain veneers. I feel conned and am so frustrated at how they turned out. I think they look huge when I smile and unnaturally gleaming white. Ugh! In fact, I saw myself in a photo and I think they honestly resemble […]

Why on earth did the dentist put stain on my Lumineers?

I had four Lumineers on my teeth from a long time ago that looked ugly, so I’ve been planning to have them redone for awhile now. Well, I just had 10 new Lumineers done and I hated the color. The dentist used a stain to make them look “natural.” I thought I had thoroughly explained […]

I’m living a porcelain veneers horror story!

I’m so sad. My porcelain veneers look terrible. I have been seeing the same dentist since I was five years old. I love going to see him. When I was in for a regular checkup, I mentioned that I had a really big project at work. It was an opportunity for me to expand my […]

Is it common for porcelain veneers to have a bump?

My two front teeth have been troublesome over the years. I have had them bonded but they kept needing replaced, so I decided to try out porcelain veneers. Well, that didn’t work for me either. I felt like they looked bulky. So the next dentist decided to do bonding again. That was a joke, my […]

I want a Hollywood smile with Lumineers. Not generic knock-off veneers!

I have decided to go with Lumineers because from everything I have seen they are the best option to give me a glamorous Hollywood smile. My dentist is telling me he doesn’t offer Lumineers, but he can give me a beautiful smile makeover with other brands. But I really want the brand name Lumineers, not […]

My porcelain veneers are way too white!

Please help! I feel like I am living a porcelain veneers nightmare! I had nine porcelain veneers done a little over a month ago. They were placed on my lower teeth. When the dentist showed them to me when they came back from the lab, I told him they were way too white. So, he […]

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