Top 6 Ways To Destroy A Beautiful Smile in Houston

There are many things Houston area residents do that negatively impact their beautiful smile. Here are the top six we see at Coleman Dental: 6. Bacteria is constantly trying to build an empire in your mouth, give it what it wants: juice, soda, chewy candy for the small crevices, and hard-to-reach surfaces! 5. Let Acid […]

Why on earth did the dentist put stain on my Lumineers?

I had four Lumineers on my teeth from a long time ago that looked ugly, so I’ve been planning to have them redone for awhile now. Well, I just had 10 new Lumineers done and I hated the color. The dentist used a stain to make them look “natural.” I thought I had thoroughly explained […]

Is there Hope for My Lumineers Nightmare?

I literally spent thousands of dollars to have Lumineers done across my four front teeth. They didn’t feel right from the moment my dentist put them on, but they told me I would adjust. Sadly, I have not been given the opportunity, because the darn things keep falling off. Seriously, not two days later after […]

Is a digital smile makeover legit?

I am very intrigued by the ad I saw on television for a digital smile makeover. I know we live in the digital age and all, but how can they pull off something so individualized? I would love to fix my smile. My teeth are discolored and oddly shaped. I’d love to hear you thoughts? […]

Was CEREC the wrong choice for a front tooth?

I am starting to doubt my dentist that placed a CEREC crown on my front tooth. I was sold when I heard that by choosing CEREC, I wouldn’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a temporary crown. Having the crown done in only one office visit was very appealing. Well, I left town the […]

I was told I’m not a porcelain veneers candidate. Is that true?

I am so disappointed to hear my cosmetic dentist tell me I’m not a candidate for porcelain veneers. He blamed it on my overbite because my top teeth come down over my bottom teeth when me mouth is closed. So, his solution is six porcelain crowns on my top teeth. He also mentioned that crowns […]

My porcelain veneers horror story. What do I do?

I am living my very own porcelain veneers nightmare. A couple days ago I had two porcelain veneers placed on my two front teeth. The main reason for the cosmetic dentistry in the first place was because I had a chip in my tooth. It had dental bonding on it that eventually came off. When […]

What’s the best way to fix a chipped front tooth – dental bonding?

I love my smile. Now, I’m mortified because I chipped my front tooth on a glass. It is really small. But, I notice it every time I look in the mirror. Please tell me there is a simple fix, because I don’t want it to look fake. The chip is probably less than a millimeter […]

What would you recommend to fix a crooked front tooth?

I haven’t been able to find the right dentist to help me with my crooked teeth. Every dentist I see, seems to have a different recommendation. How am I supposed to know what to do? I have a crooked front tooth, like really crooked. It goes behind the neighboring front tooth. Do you think Invisalign […]

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