Ugly brown line on my dental implant.

My dental implant has functioned great. I have had it for several years now and have been very happy. But several months ago, I started noticing what looks like a brown line that is showing up. When I was in for a cleaning last, I totally spaced it. I meant to talk to the hygienist […]

Beware of Mexico and affordable dental implants.

My cousin researched affordable dental implants. He couldn’t justify the costs here.  So, he went to Mexico. He raved about the dentist. Apparently, he studied in the United States and had a bunch of positive reviews. Eventually, we decided to go through with it to save a buck. It took over a year for the […]

Should I be worried about really fast crown preparation?

I’ve had a multiple crows done and I’m always amazed how quick my dentist is during the crown preparation. I’ve had a couple done elsewhere and it seemed to drag on for 30-45 minutes. My current dentist is very speedy, like less than 30 seconds for the preparation. That said, I’m wondering if he removes […]

Dental implants on Groupon – too good to be true?

I have been putting of getting a dental implant because let’s face it, I simply can’t afford it. I have been into see three different dentists and I couldn’t afford any of them. Then, what do you know, the best Groupon deal ever from a local dentist came up. His affordable dental implant offer has […]

Can false teeth be whitened?

I was born without my two lateral incisors. I wanted to get dental implants in the next few years but currently I have two false teeth that are attached to a retainer to fill the gaps. My teeth are discolored and I have been wanting to get them whitened. Does teeth whitening work on false […]

Will bleaching my dental implant change the color?

The dental implant on my front tooth doesn’t match the others anymore. I have had it for a couple years now. It used to blend in with my teeth but now that I have been bleaching my teeth, I am not seeing the implant change color. So now the implant appears much darker than the […]

Can dental implants stop my mom’s pain?

My mom is disabled following a stroke and has some cognitive issues, so I help take care of her. She recently complained of a toothache, which was no major surprise because she avoided the dentist before her stroke and never really took care of her teeth. I took her to a local school for dentists […]

Why Did My Friend’s Old Dental Implants Fail?

I have been considering getting dental implants, but what my friend is going through right now terrifies me. I’m seriously reconsidering it. She had her dental implants done more than a decade ago and has had no problems with them whatsoever. She’s one of the reasons why I wanted to get my own- she was […]

Is my child teenager enough to get dental implants?

My son is in high school. You know how it goes. The teasing, self conscious years we all want to forget. Well, he is becoming more and more embarrassed about his teeth. He still has some baby teeth because his permanent teeth never developed properly. The dentist keeps telling us it’s no big deal and […]

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