What’s cheaper Lumineers or Durathin veneers?

I want to get a smile makeover and have been comparing DURAthinveneers to Lumineers. Which one is cheaper? I think I am gravitating toward the photographs I’ve seen of Durathin. But I’m keeping my options open. -Amanda in New Jersey Amanda, The first question that needs to be asked is, have you consulted with a […]

Trying to decide between crowns or Lumineers?

I am seeing a cosmetic dentist to close the gap between my some front teeth. They aren’t the ones right in front, but the ones next to the front ones. I feel like my smile has always been unbalanced and I’m ready to get it fixed. When I started looking around online, Lumineers seem like […]

Why on earth did the dentist put stain on my Lumineers?

I had four Lumineers on my teeth from a long time ago that looked ugly, so I’ve been planning to have them redone for awhile now. Well, I just had 10 new Lumineers done and I hated the color. The dentist used a stain to make them look “natural.” I thought I had thoroughly explained […]

Can I Request a Refund for Discolored and Broken Lumineers?

All I wanted to do was close a gap between my two front teeth and correct a chip on one from when I was a kid. My dentist told me that Lumineers was the way to go and he promised me a beautiful smile. But he wanted to do all six of my top front […]

Are my knock-off, generic Lumineers the cause of my terrible breath?

I have been really working on getting in shape and taking care of myself. When I reached my weight loss goal last year, I thought it would be fun to reward my hard work with a new smile. I asked my dentist about Lumineers and he first recommended we take care of some periodontal disease. […]

Is there Hope for My Lumineers Nightmare?

I literally spent thousands of dollars to have Lumineers done across my four front teeth. They didn’t feel right from the moment my dentist put them on, but they told me I would adjust. Sadly, I have not been given the opportunity, because the darn things keep falling off. Seriously, not two days later after […]

Is it possible to get Lumineers if I grind my teeth?

I have been unhappy with the way my teeth look for over a decade. I just haven’t been in position financially to make the investment in improving them. But I’m starting to think it is time to explore my options. My friend has recommended Lumineers and I think I would like to try them. But […]

Will Lumineers give me horse teeth?

Every time I think I’m ready to move forward with Lumineers, I see someone that looks like they have horse teeth. But I’ve had it with my ugly, discolored teeth. One of my front teeth even has a crack in it. I feel like every conversation I have, someone is staring at my teeth. So […]

Will a night guard protect my cosmetic dentistry while I sleep?

I just spent a lot of money on a smile makeover. I now have eight Lumineers on my front teeth. Now, the dentist is telling me I need a night guard? Is this important? He said he can tell I grind my teeth but I really am not aware of this. I am stretching my […]

Lip stuck on Lumineers. Is this a scare tactic by my dentist?

I went into my dentist because I have heard about how Lumineers can give a Hollywood smile, without a Hollywood price tag. Well, my dentist went on and on about how many unsatisfied Lumineers patients he has seen. He was telling me about all these problems, including that some girl’s lip kept getting stuck on […]

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