What’s wrong with my porcelain veneer?

I ended up getting a porcelain veneer done to fix my damaged front tooth. At first, I really liked it. It blended in perfectly with my surrounding teeth. No one seemed to notice I had any work done. I am wondering what’s wrong with it now? It has only been a couple years and I’m […]

Fake-looking porcelain veneers

I have been saving up for years to have my smile improved with beautiful porcelain veneers. I feel conned and am so frustrated at how they turned out. I think they look huge when I smile and unnaturally gleaming white. Ugh! In fact, I saw myself in a photo and I think they honestly resemble […]

What’s cheaper Lumineers or Durathin veneers?

I want to get a smile makeover and have been comparing DURAthinveneers to Lumineers. Which one is cheaper? I think I am gravitating toward the photographs I’ve seen of Durathin. But I’m keeping my options open. -Amanda in New Jersey Amanda, The first question that needs to be asked is, have you consulted with a […]

Cosmetic dentist’s dental bonding is yellow.

My daughter is in the thick of her teen years. She hated the discoloration on her front teeth. So we met with a dentist that was recommending a cosmetic solution for her two front teeth. The price wasn’t exorbitant, so we did it. Well, the dentists did tooth bonding and now they are yellow. Yes, […]

Trying to decide between crowns or Lumineers?

I am seeing a cosmetic dentist to close the gap between my some front teeth. They aren’t the ones right in front, but the ones next to the front ones. I feel like my smile has always been unbalanced and I’m ready to get it fixed. When I started looking around online, Lumineers seem like […]

Why on earth did the dentist put stain on my Lumineers?

I had four Lumineers on my teeth from a long time ago that looked ugly, so I’ve been planning to have them redone for awhile now. Well, I just had 10 new Lumineers done and I hated the color. The dentist used a stain to make them look “natural.” I thought I had thoroughly explained […]

Can I get some bling on my teeth, like Beyonce?

I am admittedly kind of obsessed with Beyonce. Well, she had an awesome spread I saw in a recent magazine where she had something that looked like bling or glitter on her upper teeth. It was wicked looking and I cannot get that hot look out of my mind. It almost had the appearance of […]

Is my mouthwash turning my porcelain veneers gray?

Is it possible that my mouthwash or possibly my toothpaste is causing my porcelain veneers to turn gray? I had them done nine months ago and I didn’t anticipate them discoloring for years. When I jumped online I saw a reference about avoiding products with alcohol in them. Could this be the reason they are […]

Is it normal for porcelain veneers to come off every couple months?

I am wondering if I made a big mistake. I just had four porcelain veneers done on top and four on the bottom. As I was getting ready to leave, the dentist mentioned in passing that in a couple months they may come off. He didn’t act like it was any big deal and he […]

Is Listerine ruining my porcelain veneers?

I have always used Listerine. I love the way it makes my breath smell. Well, I am beginning to wonder if this is what is causing my porcelain veneers to turn grey. I use Colgate daily, so maybe the combination of the two products is damaging to the cosmetic dentistry work I’ve had done? My […]

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